52 Years Sugar mummy in Massachusetts, USA Needs a Man To Love Her

Hello I just turned 52, on July 10th. Not so old but wow where did the years go? Anyway, My name is Alice from Massachusetts, US.
I used to live in the Boston Area and had a family summer home in Rockport Mass but now in Massachusetts where I work, bought 2 cars and bought a new house. Pick my contacts here now.

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Read her message and verified profile Bio for you below:
I'm sure I'm not really 52 and just dreaming...but I just pinched myself and I still am. LOL. Meet black/African American sugar mummy on this website here

Sugar mummy in Massachusetts, USA

Anyway, I believe am mature to live the sugar momma life in Massachusetts, but I need love and I have all the money to spend on my man, would be happy to chat online and converse with people especially African men who are here to apply, we're special of course, and big people like me usually have big hearts. cheers

More on Her Bio:
Occupation - Machinist
Hobbies The Beach
Sports-  Walking, Swimming
Smoker? No 
Drinks? Yes
Status - Single
Language - American English


Any man is welcome to Apply if you believe you are matured or grown up enough for her standards. If you're interested you know what to do

Barbados Sugar Mummies - Lucia Needs A Young Man for dating

Find and meet Sugar mummies in Barbados online Free - Check out the latest rich sugar mommas available for dating in the Caribbean. Miss Lucia and many other big beautiful women seeking men for true love.
She's a high-class woman with big and wealthy connections in offices, she runs her own boutique and Beauty company, with lots of politicians (even sugar daddies) as friends, she is based in Saint Michael Parish, Barbados and mailed us yesterday requesting for any young guy that can blow her mind anytime she wants to get down.

According to her, she's wealthy sweet and pretty woman who likes to party and rock life when at real sugar mummy clubs in Barbados on most Friday nites and their she would like to take you along to the most expensive luxurious sites in the Caribbean especially their popular carnivals, Crop Over Festival and Kadooment Day.

 Barbados Sugar Mummies

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She said she has been looking up on this dating site in Barbados for a week and discovered that she can find the real man or guy that will give her what she desires, especially on the bed. Lucia is very rich, mature and financial stable to pay handsomely to who ever she chooses to be with his sweet momma from this site.


I want Barbados Sugar Mama - Is what many guys are asking. If you're looking for real rich women who are Bajan or Barbadian to be yours, they may come from Bridgetown, Saint Michael Parish, Speightstown, Oistins, Bathsheba, Saint Joseph Parish, Holetown like Lucia. or If you are looking Single Women/Ladies and Dates to partner with for the Crop Over Festival and Kadooment Day, we are going to assist you to connect with her for FREE.

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Discover Single Moms looking for Partner Online in Johannesburg, SA

Discover single mothers online looking for serious relationship in Joburg (Johannesburg) 2018 - Get direct photos, Facebook, Phone numbers and photos -
Hi my name is Nalla from Chelsea, England in UK in need of a responsible man to be my partner and future husband to date in Johannesburg, SA, South Africa where I have been living for over 5 years now as single parent.
I assure you that money will never be our problem if you follow the steps for us to get hooked up here on the free sugar mommas dating website.

If you're looking for single mom to date from Joburg, you have come to the best online dating website to get rich and real single parents free, this is where the new and verified profiles of such successful businesses. She and the others have cars and houses based in South Africa - Cape town,  Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kwazulu-Natal, SuLuxemburge this is where they come to chat live, and meet their potential new life partners.

Single Mom for online dating Johannesburg

Read Her request below:
Hi my name is Nala from Chelsea, England in UK , I am a black sugar mummy living in Portsmouth England, UK. Please contact me.
I am seeking a nice sugar boy for hookup and dating in Johannesburg, where I live and work, it doesn't matter if he's black or white, colors don't mean, I just need mature dating now that will lead to marriage.


Use this site to find the best 
All About Single Moms, single parent looking for partners to be their Sugar baby and Sugar mummy in Joburg (Johannesburg, SA) - Madam Nalla is a well educated wealthy legal practitioner that has cars and houses abroad, she's seeking for dating and fun with a younger man so If you're honest, responsible, skillful in bed matters and you know how to please a woman, make her happy, then this is your chance for some sweet sugar mummy affair in South Africa, with single beautiful sugar mom from UK that will enrich your bank account. 

The best news about this is single dads also apply for this chance to date her, since it's verified that there are also single moms looking for single dads who understands and by them anyday.

Canadian Athletic Sugar mummy wants to Invite You Abroad

Latest Real Canada Sugar mummy 2018 | their WhatsApp contacts, verified profiles, photos -  Hi, I am Kayla, 35 yrs, based in Ottawa, Canada looking for you to be my sugar boy. I may be kind of very mature but I am still young at heart, forget about my big beautiful size or body shape, I am very athletic, I love Sports a lot, especially football. My favourite team in the EPL is Chelsea football club, I love traveling to the UK and you can surely be my guest if you're interested in joining to go watch live matches of my favourite football club.

I planned going to the Russia 2018 Games but I could not find a partner to travel with me. So here is my request for anybody who is really jovial, strong and responsible (you must not be into alcohol drink and you must not be a smoker).

Canada Sugar mummy 2018


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I need a handsome man from Africa or any part of the world who cares about Sports, he has to be athletic, psychology and have to be social with we hit the gym for physical exercises for us to be together and enjoy our relationship, if you are sure about being into these things, then you should apply for me your partner.

I am very wealthy and will spend as long you can take care of me.
Your travel Visa, hotel fees will be paid for by me till we fly or travel back home at my place in Canada so we can begin our journey of love and sports from there.
Don't forget to tell me What's your favourite Football club? Do you prefer La Liga or EPL (English Premier League). If we match, I will make you a lucky man

Sugar Mummies from Florida Available | Check Inbox for Number

Discover Florida sugar mummies Free dating site - Hi, have you been looking for sugar mummy in Florida and their Whatsapp numbers. Miss Betty is online for you, view her profile and Chat Live - She's waiting to connect with you, based in FL, Florida, United States and she dropped you a message: "I’m more than just a rich lady, I need to be standing in front of a man, asking him to love me.

Find Florida sugar mummies online available for dating and they're sugar mommas that pay, their photos and direct phone numbers here - as this is one of the best sugar mummy dating site in Florida, for white and black (African American), single moms, divorced women who are financially stable and willing to be sugar mommas.

All About Dating Florida women and their Sugar mommas

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It has hundreds of miles of beaches. And they sure have a lot of beautiful women whom are rich  sugar mummies among looking for dating a serious and responsible guy. Now check out her profile below and apply if interested:

For me to be your life partner, there are some procedures and conditions you will agree to:

Willing to travel
Available on weekends and evenings

Willing to undergo a medical check up

View her pic and Verified Profile - 

Sugar Mummies from Florida

Self development
Graduate and still studying for my Masters Degree
Boutique and Fashion store manager
I speak English very fluently

Marriage & children
I've never been married
I don't have children

112 lb - 51 kg
5'2" - 173 cm
Blonde short hair
brown eyes

I don't drink
I don't smoke

More details about me
Religious views - Christian

Her last message was - I want a good man to be my king, with respect and dedication for a woman. If you are interested, let us see how it works, text me now.

Latest Sugar Mummy from Norway 2018 - Queeneth Needs Strong Guy in her Life

Lady Queeneth, 42 she is interested in you if you fulfill her criteria she will be happy to be your sugar mama. Any man from Europe, West or South of Africa, will be preferred according to her.

Find Norwegian Singles and Sugar mommas, their direct contacts and WhatsApp on this Freemium dating site in Norway - Discover the Best dating site perfect for Norway Singles, divorced and widowed seniors looking for young men including their direct contacts and phone numbers. Have you been looking for real love online with any rich lady or woman from Norway?

Sugar mummy in Norway Needs a good guy in her life, her name is Queeneth - Apply today and stand a real chance to get connected to partner.

Read more below:

View her pic and Verified Profile or get number now - 

Self development
Graduate and working class

Job - Boutique owner, Investor and accountant

Languages: I speak English fluently

Sugar Mummy Norway

Marriage & children
I don't have children

110lb - 48kg
5'6 - 171cm
dark brown hair
brown eyes

I don't drink
I don't smoke

Religious views - Christian

Her Dating preferences - Any handsome strong man who is good should Apply but I would prefer a man from South Africa.


As seen in her request, you can apply but you will stand a better chance of having her if you're from Africa, for those in other countries like United States, Europe, Dubai, UAE or UK you can check our other threads on this website, act fast and follow instructions (be sure to have international Visa and Passport since you'll be doing some travelling together.

Singapore Sugar Mummy Available - Chat Live Now via WhatsApp, Photos and Direct Contacts

Discover and Chat LIVE on the Best and Latest Sugar Mummies dating website in Singapore, an Asian sugar mama, get their photos, WhatsApp & phone number - Meet real wealthy ladies in Singapore seeking a man available online now for serious relationship that can last and lead to marriage, their photos and direct contacts - Check out her request

Hi admin, name is Madam Nicki, I am very rich, mature but I am a busy woman who takes her career and business very seriously, despite I am rich, my boyfriend left me because of my dedication to success and making money. I will go straight to the point -- It has been long since I did it.

I really miss how it feels when the large thing smoothly goes inside me, I miss  going out on real dates, I miss going to the beach and sea-shores with a partner who loves me very much.
So I am looking for a responsible man who will handle me like I deserve, I want to get even more than I want.  I have the money and I will surely give him very generously.

Singapore Sugar Mummy

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Check out and meet the best pretty rich women and single ladies from the sovereign city-state and island country in South East Asia and their WhatsApp numbers.
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Are you fit to handle this Sugar mama from Singapore can you give her what she is asking for?

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3. Drop your contact digits below and your country you live. She will privately message you.

Sugar Mummy in Oil and Gas Job Sector is interested in You

Congrats! Lisa from Soweto, South Africa who works at a booming oil and gas company in Dubai UAE (Middle East) has accepted your request and willing to be your new sugar mama. She has a message for you if you're online looking for the hot rich women for meeting, hook up and dating. She is willing to give you high paying job in her Oil and gas company, they had signed good contracts with Total, Shell, Agip, Chevron etc if you apply and get approved.

What are you waiting for? Meet real wealthy nice women seeking for true love from places like London UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Australia.
She is based where you'll discover other rich African, American and UK, London sugar mommas and their direct contacts and phone numbers Free, from our latest online sugar mummy site in South Africa.

♥ View her photo and message for you below ♥

Sugar Mummy in Oil and Gas

Name: Madam Lisa

Age: 39 yrs old

Location: Dubai, UAE and Oman

Nationality: South Africa

status: Single and searching for real young man

Occupation : Business class woman

Hobbies: Swimming, Traveling and cooking

Her Request - Hi, you can call me Sugar Lisa, 39yrs from Soweto South Africa, I am working as CEO and MD for Oil and Gas company in Dubai, I know that I am rich and I wanna be your sugar mama.

I am rich coz I work at an oil export company but I am not chanced to date because I was chasing my career.
I am ready to settle down & have sweet fun with a man who loves me sincerely, not for my money. I am looking for a serious sugar-boy for serious dating affair and relationship that is hot and sweet. He must be know how to please me enough and be a romantic person.

Are you good for her?
If you succeed she might land you a good job opportunity in her oil and gas firm. If that does not work out then she can connect with her friends who are lawyers and Bankers to find you cool paying job.
Simply tell her about yourself, age and country is required when applying.

Military Sugar Mummy wants to Connect with Young Energetic Man

Militarian Sugar Mummy in the USA Army wants to Connect with Young Energetic Man - Are you interested or been looking for single ladies or women in the Military or Army, Navy, or Air-force dating website for relationship and dating that may lead to marriage? Find and Get them here for Free.

Welcome to the best website online to provide you with all you need to know about how to Chat Live with her and meet them.

As we will always tell you to never pay any token or fees (money) to anybody, this site does not work with any Agents, they're liars, all connections are free. Forget what others are telling you, there is no such thing paying for the service. No agents fees or connection fees.

All you have to do here is to navigate and make use of the info provided on the pages for you Find and get get a sugar mummy in the USA Army Dating website here for Free. 100% Free. No sign-up fees, no agents fees or connection fees.

Military Sugar Mummy

She's ready for any young guy or man who is going to take her seriously. She's in the army and she's very selective of her type of man. So if you come from any of the countries as follows then you should definitely apply to meet this beautiful military woman available online now,
South Africa, United States, Tanzania, Dubai, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Kenya and Ghana amongst the few others.